Lame Assed Ex-FBI Big Mouth

Lame Assed Ex-FBI Big Mouth
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Deep throat revealed! Gee after 30 years the legendary "Deep Throat" turns out to be a turned coat FBI official, Mark Felt, who basically had the 'bone' for Nixon because he was passed over for getting the "head job" at the agency. Another disgruntled employee!

What a surprise! Richard Clarke anyone? Tonight Chris Matthews on Hardhead, er, I mean Hardball, was literally foaming at the mouth with admiration for this traitor to the nation.

"No said Chris, chastised one of his guest making my point, "The burglars were the traitors!!" "This man was a hero".

Ah shut the Fu$K up Chris. You're heros are Ted (dunk 'em till they drown) Kennedy and his womanizing lame ass brother John. I know heros, and Mr. Throat is NO hero. A law enforcement official leaking investigation proceedings to the press is a criminal - not a hero.


Jakester said…
Traitor, you sound like a reactionary moron, not a conservative!
MacRanger said…
No, not a reactionary - nor a 'moron'. Many of us conservatives feel the same way. The guy was a traitor - defined by his motive.