Big Wind Franken

Big Wind Franken
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Seems the lying liar laid an egg at a party thrown in his 'honor'. Here is the account:

Hat tip to Michelle Malkin:

"Al Franken became the guest who wouldn't leave. At a talk-radio convention held in his honor.
The talk-show host (WLIB/1190 AM) was forced off the stage after his award-acceptance speech became a nearly half-hour rant against TV commentator Bill O'Reilly and the war in Iraq.

"Al, hurry up," said Michael Harrison, publisher of Talkers magazine, the convention sponsor.

"It's freedom of speech," replied Franken, referring to the Freedom of Speech Award he'd just been given by the magazine.

"It's not freedom to kill everybody's evening," Harrison shot back."

You got to like a buffoon....well, baffooning.

A Powerlineblog take on another Franken appearence. Between Franken and Dean we are guaranteed to keep winning elections - forever!