Crying Foul - When Questions Are relevant

Top Dem Trashes Fox Reporter as 'Big Moose'

Newsmax covers story about how Democrats cry foul when they are asked "real" questions. A quote:

"Irked the way reporters covered a meeting of Senate Democrats with DNC chief Howard Dean, the Illinois Democrat complained that the furor over Dean's recent outbursts was the result of a right wing plot.

"I think we all understand what's happening with you all," he told reporters. "The right wing has got the agenda moving. Fox [News Channel] and everybody's got the agenda. It's all about Howard Dean. You've bought into it."

No - it's not the agenda - the MOUTH of Howard Dean. If you are going to call us Republicans "lazy white Christians", then you should be able to communicate why.

Dean got the "pass" from all the regular suspects in the MSM all week. One hard round of questions from a reporter asking "non-softball" questions and the bitching begins.