Debunking the "When Clinton Lied Nobody Died" Bumper Sticker

A very popular comeback from Bush bashers is that, "So Clinton lied, but at least nobody died." Which is a reference to their belief that Bush lied to get us into a war with Iraq.

First, this is an amazing admission since I couldn't find one liberal five years ago that would even admit Clinton did anything wrong, much less lie.

But what about the claim now? Well I beg to differ that Clinton's lies - his actions while in office didn't cost american lives. First it is a well-known fact that Clinton was offered the head of Osma Bin-Laden on a platter but refused it (mentioned below). It also can be argued that another fact that destractions caused by his indescretions led to shoddy and ignored intellgience which also led to 9-11 being a reality.

For example here are some points from the book Catastrophe: Clinton’s Role in America’s Worst Disaster :

- Clinton’s own admission that he could have extradited Osama bin Laden from Sudan - but he didn’t because he felt bin Laden was not a threat! If you don’t believe this, read his verbatim comments from our exclusive tape recording!

- A senior CIA officer goes on record to reveal that Bill Clinton helped Saddam Hussein by allowing him to illegally sell oil - and make billions to stay in power.

- Clinton adviser Dick Morris says that Clinton was warned about the terrorist bombings against American troops at the Khobar Towers - and he ignored the warning!

- The FBI and CIA could have easily foiled the 9-11 attacks - but were negligent as two known terrorists gained entry into the U.S. with the CIA’s full knowledge. They would later participate in the 9-11 attacks.

- FBI agent Coleen Rowley says the FBI could have prevented 9-11, but refused to get a search warrant on one of the 9-11 terrorists.

- Bill Clinton refused to require driver’s licenses to expire at the time of expiring visas. If he had done this, one of the 9-11 terrorists would have been arrested or deported.

Point: The 1996 Clinton-Gore airline safety commission set the stage for 9-11.

- A secret 1994 terrorism report warned of suicidal hijackings - and Bill Clinton ignored it.

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So Clinton Lied and nobody died? Not by my account and the accounts of others.