Don't Worry Dick and Bill

Bill O'Reilly
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On tonight's "O'Reilly Factor", Bill was talking with Dick Morris about how the left is going to use allegations of torture to bring down the Bush Administration. Bill calls the left's attack "brilliant" and both he and Morris think Bush should launch an investigation and get to the bottom of the allegations once and for all!

What Bill and Dick and all the rest of the media types that take all this "torture" crap, is this: It simply isn't true. Abu Grab was "prisoner abuse" not torture. Ask a Vietnam POW what torture was and he will tell the same thing. Secondly, the Pentagon has made clear that they have had hundreds of investigations into these allegation and found most if not all to be simply allegations WITHOUT substantiation.

The left is behind this for sure. In fact Amnesty international is a leftist organization that donated heavily to the Kerry Campaign, which in my book makes Amnesty International suspect in all their dealings. Finally, if you look at some polling except at "MS(moonbat central)NBC, you'll see the majority of Americans aren't buying this crap. So there is no danger of "taking down Bush". Abu Grab didn't spoil the election for the GOP one iota. Think about it. Where else in history have you seen such a measured attack by the left and their co-conspirators the MSM and it DIDN'T work. But took the house by 4 1/2 Million votes - hardly a 'fluke'. But I do agree that this won't stop the attacks, name-calling, outright lies from the left. After all, what else do they have? An agenda? A plan? Anything?

The "Achilles heal" of the left is that it believes that the American public is a bunch of hayseed dumbasses who can't have an opinion or belief unless they are spoon-fed one from them or the MSM. Guess what? We're smarter than you think and we are on to your game.