Dream on AP it ain't gonna happen!

US goal: Transfer prisoners

There hasn't been this kind of dead-end drumbeat since, "Mr. President, looking over your last four years, is there anything you would like to apologize for?".

The "Associated Depressed" and the rest of the MSM would love for this to take place. But it won't 'fix' anything. The real motivation behind this constant drivel is to work to RELEASE these animals into the wild again.

Yeah, return the worms to the holes they came from! They haven't finished with us yet! Idiots.

Alas AP, The simple fact is this:

Nobody else wants them! They say: "Thank you very much US - You've got 'em, you keep 'em!"

Mr. President: "Stand your ground - stop letting the media set the agenda for your administration!" Say, "Gitmo is staying open!" Like Motel Six for terrorists, "The light is always on for you!"