Fear Mongering - The 'Day After' at the Pumps!

RPT-Oil crisis film takes market fears to U.S. living rooms

The left is always crying how the Bush Administration is using fear to influence policy. On FX TV tonight a show called, "Oil Storm", tells the story (using pretend news feeds) how a Category 4 storm blows through the Gulf of Mexico on Labor Day 2005 and knocks out all the oil platforms in the gulf - thus (you guessed it), shutting off oil to the US.

The result is (gasp!) pandamonium! Gas prices at ten bucks a gallon, old people dying in their homes because they cannot afford heating oil!! All as the narrator breathlessly asserts:

"All this while an "oil man" was in the WhiteHouse.

The humanity!!!

Wanna bet who bankrolled this farce? I haven't seen the checks, but I'll bet that the name: "Soros" is somewhere on the "signee" line.