Tuesday, June 21, 2005


John F. Kerry's SF 180

Powerlineblog -You Saw Them Here First

Powerlineblog has obtained copies of John F. Kerry's SF 180 request for military records. I've downloaded the images and examined them. While Powerlineblog admits they are no military experts, yours truly is, having served 13 years in the Army and after leaving the service in 1989 I have filled out a couple of SF 180s for differing reasons (records corrections, give me my medals, etc). So I think I'm kind of an 'expert'.

Like Powerlineblog , I agree on the surface there doesn't 'seem' to be anything out of order, except that on all images block 1. REQUESTER IS - is blank. Now I'm not being picky, but I had a SF 180 returned for forgetting to check that block. Overall not a biggy though.

On the date in under Mr. Kerry's signature it looks like a 'Whiteout' was performed on it as well as in the space SEND INFORMATION TO in the copy for the LA Times. This is a big NO NO on forms of this type. However given the "special handling" this type of form probably received that may have been overlooked as well as the date. In all it just looks like Kerry signed one and the rest shared.

On another note; other bloggers such as AnkleBitingPundits wonders if this includes his Naval Reserve Records. This form has a appendex on the last page that shows the proper address to send the forms to depended on branch of service and dates of service. According to the chart the address for both active and reserve Navy service prior to 1995 is:

Naval Personal Command
5720 Integrity Drive
Millington Tennessee

Of course that address goes on the envelope so we don't know actually where the SF 180 was sent to. I'm speaking with a 'friend' this afternoon who works in that "Area of Operations" to see if there would any other location the request would have gone to. Keep you posted.

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