Michael Smith Update: London, Texas, Paris?

Michael Smith - Of London?
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Where in the world is Michael Smith? We know that there is one in London. But what we don't know for a fact is if "London Michael" is "Texas Michael". For those who this is "pissing in the wind", you may be right. But there are just too many similarities in both stories of "copied memos" and "lost originals" to make this old head swell to the size of a Possum full of helium. I've got to know, and I have all the time in the world to find out! Mr. Smith in Texas? You can step forward at anytime and put an end to this madness. Until then, I'm tracking you down.

Well according to a investigator bud of mine near Killeen Texas - finding a freelance writer in Austin by the name of Michael (or Mike) Smith is like trying to find smooth unscrambled skin on Rosie O's butt. He shouldn't be that hard to find since according to the CBS report Mr. Smith: "had worked on stories pertaining to President Bush for many years." Including being a researcher on "First Son" a book by Bill Minutaglio.

Like I said, in spite of some left wing claims that, "We called C-BS and they told us that the Michael Smith of our RaThErGaTe isn't the Michael Smith of DoWnInGgate!" I have found out that CBS isn't talking about either Michael. In fact they refuse to answer the question and refer me to the report they published about the Memogate affair.

So I'm now in the process of ascertaining Mr. Smith (of London) whereabouts about the time of Mr. Smith (of Texas) appearance during those infamous meetings with Marla Mapes of CBS.

I may have something tomorrow....Stay tuned.