Tuesday, June 21, 2005


MSN in a FUNK! - 58% of Americans Agree: Keep Gitmo Open!

Poll shows Americans 'generally in a funk'

New Gallup Poll Numbers - not as bad as MSM would have you believe. Of particular:

"Fifty-eight percent say the United States should continue to operate the prison at Guantanamo Bay, Cuba, and 52% approve of the way the United States is treating prisoners there. So much for "calls to close Gitmo!!"

USA Today writers Richard Benedetto and Judy Keen, can't let that good news stand by itself....they continue (comments mine):

"Critics (yeah - usually cast of malcontents) have increasingly called for its closure; former president Bill Clinton (Ok, here we go...) told the Financial Times of London that the prison should be shut down or cleaned up."

Yeah, and Bill should be IN it! But that's another story.


"At a news conference with European Union leaders Monday, Bush said the United States has been handling Guantanamo prisoners humanely, even though many of them are "dangerous people." He invited American and foreign news reporters to visit the facility.

"I have an obligation, as do all of us who are holding office, to protect our people," Bush said. "And I believe we're meeting that obligation in a humane way."

Bush also showed no sign of backing down from his policies on Iraq, pledging to fight on against the "cold-blooded killers," he said are murdering innocent civilians and trying to drive the United States out of Iraq. "We're making progress toward the goal, which is ... a political process moving forward in Iraq and ... the Iraqis capable of defending themselves," he said. "We will complete this mission for the sake of world peace."

Bush's job approval rating is at 47%. It's been at 50% or lower for the past three months.

Democratic strategist Jim Duffy (WHO GIVES A DINK WHAT HE THINKS) says much of the public unease with Bush and his policies stems from Iraq."

MSM - "We write and decide what you NEED to know!"


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