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Drudge has this flash that this week's Time magazine details the interrogation of the 20th September 11th hijacker. Using top secret logs......whoaa....

How DID Time obtain top secret logs? Were they leaked? Did they break in and steal them? How did they get them? I think THAT'S the question that should be investigated. There is nothing in these 'logs' that show any abuse; only approved and appropriate interogation tactics for known terrorists.

All this abuse talk is nauseating. I had worse done to be during my military POW training FAR worse.

This isn't the first time that Time or Newsweek has "devulged" secret information. Whether you like it or not, or believe it or not there is NO public right to know EVERYTHING during a time of war.

Far too many times this conflict our MSM has put troops in harms way - everything from giving troop positions, to detailing "vunerabilities" we have.

Again, a free media isn't supposed to be a STUPID media. On some of these 'leaks" someone needs to be called into account. I think it's time for congressional hearings into where the MSM is getting these documents and if any crime has been comitted in doing so.

UPDATE: That is exactly what is going to happen! Take it from the 'little birdie".


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