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Lou Dobbs Breaks Ban on Hillary Author

As I mentioned before, when I didn't join fellow conservative bloggers in boycotting Edward Klein's book, "The Truth About Hillary". Many conservative bloggers as Rush Limbaugh and the NY Times noted), seem to jump on the bandwagon as the did the MSM - howbeit for different reasons. A move which I though was a bit of a over reaction. Many of my brothers and sisters in Conservative land feared it would just make her a victim and might even help get her elected in 2008. Again, I don't have that fear at all. Much more will be coming on Hillary in the next two-years, that will cover more of her personal life (character counts right?), as well as her pitiful Senatoral record. So relax.

Yet a greater story has been developing about how the Clinton Machine has been working overtime to get this book banned from any TV coverage. Newsmax has an article on this here.

On Monday Newmax reported how CNN's Lou Dobbs broke the "embargo" on interviewing Edward Klein:


"CNN's Lou Dobbs broke the self-imposed television embargo on the new biography of Hillary Clinton Monday night with an in-depth interview with author Edward Klein.

Describing Klein’s "The Truth About Hillary” as a "highly controversial and provocative book,” Dobbs challenged Klein on allegations he is reported to have made, including charges that Hillary is a lesbian and that Bill Clinton once "raped” his wife.

Dobbs noted the "salacious nature” of the biography and "the highly personal attacks that you bring to bear .. But this is reaching to a personal level that is extraordinary.”

Klein noted some allegations, such as claims Bill raped Hillary, are not to be found in his book. He reminded Dobbs that some of the sensational items about Hillary simply could not be avoided.

"It's impossible to do a biography of Hillary without discussing” such matters, he said, referring to sex scandals that plagued the Clinton presidency." (end)

If this book is untrue - why would the Clinton machine be pulling out all the stops and twist network producer's arms to boycott Mr. Klein. Heck, if he's a hack they could let loose on him and expose him. It simply doesn't make any sense.

Again, as I leaf through the book I find some things that make me wonder, and wince. But quite frankly I don't see what all the huff is about. But then I think Hillary is the antichrist - so who am I?

Although the most objected to is the "anonymous sources", doesn't bother me in the least. That doesn't make a story untrue. I also don't know where some of the pundits get the "two-source rule". In all my years of writing I've never heard that one before. If it weren't for "anonymous sources" many journalist would never get their stories completed.

In any case I feel the book is important and Mr. Klein, who by the way is a respected and experienced journalist and not a conservative, deserves to be heard EVEN if some think he shouldn't.

Everyone is entitled to opinion, but I think the book will have an impact. As Mr. Klein noted does anyone think it was a "coincidence" that Hillary waddled up on stage with Rev. Graham over the weekend?

Drudge has it up on his site that The Truth About Hillary is going to debut at Number 2 on the NY Times Best Seller's List on July 10th.


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