Rush Agrees with the Mac'ster?

Listening to Rush Limbaugh now, seems he agrees a little with my point about Inside Hillary. Basically he's "calling out" conservative bloggers on 'taking a high road' on the book. Listen in. If you miss it the transcript should be available later this evening on his website

UPDATE: Starting to get some 'reponses' to my Inside Hillary Post. Like this:

"Let me comment this way. Klein is sifting through salacious heresay on sexual and marital personal matters to Hillary to conclude she is a liberal. All the unnecessary, and quite honestly thinnly veiled, attacks are not necessary to conclude the obvious. I linked to a Mark Steyn column which sums it up nicely since he had the displeasure to read this trash. I know Hillary is a liberal, I don't need to support this conclusion with crude rumor mongering. Finally, this is the same kind of BS that happened to Jack and Jerry Ryan in his senate race last year. A court opened up their private divorce files to invade their marriage and dig dirt. That disgusted me too. Do unto others as you would have them do unto you."

Ok, so long as you have read the book you are intitled to your opinion. As of yet I don't have it. No, I didn't think a charge about Hilary being "raped" was entirely appropriate (although with Bill Clinton anything is possible), but then there are parts of MacBeth that I have issues with (don't ask). I haven't read the book yet and won't know if it has any value to me until I do.

My point is that everyone that wants to read the book, go ahead read it and make your own decision. Don't let a blogger tell you not to, or the New York Times or MSNBC or anyone else. Heck, I read Bush World and Plan of Attack, just so I could form my own opinion about what the book said. Before I say something about the merits of any work I'm not going to have say one on it one way or another, before I read it. I personally don't read "excerpts" or other people's opinions about what something says, or does not say. I'm a Dinosaur - I make up my own mind after seeing it for myself.

After I read it, I'll form "My Opinion", which you might like, you might not like - but at least it will be MY opinion.

Again, the interesting thing about all of this it appears that some bloggers are a little "apprehensive" about being NOT lumped with those "crazy right wingers" the libs are always talking about. It's hard to tell the "left" from the Right". Rush thinks it's almost like some conservative blogs are playing a kiss-up job to the MSM (his thoughts people not mine) - although I think he may be on to something there. I'm not judging that. Judge your own motives.

In any case, I remember a college professor told me a good approach to anything I read - even if I think I won't like it - "Eat the hay, spit out the sticks". For instance, I remember doing an extensive paper on Martin Luther (The Theologian). I read every work I could get my hands on was written on the man - goog, bad and blatantly smearing. Yet in everything I read I got at least some insight to his life and times. Yes, the paper received an A (the only one I got that year - but it was an A!).