Thank God for Blogs

"Deep Throat"

The above post over at Polipundit just reinterates the absolute hypocrisy of liberals and their cohorts in the MSM. Just at they had a hands off approach to the Clintons - yet went with ferver at President Bush during the 2004 campaign - they continually show their hypocrisysy and arrogance. Thank God for the Blogs! Imagine what would have happened if the media had done it's "job" during Johnson's administration.

If scrutiny had been beyond the "gatekeepers" of the airwaves then Johnson would have been toast and JFK before him.

This is an excerpt from an 1998 article in National Review that details a familar story yet wasn't covered by the MSM:

"Although Goldwater was invariably described by the media as an extremist, the extremist tone of the 1964 campaign was set not by the Republican challenger but by the Democratic incumbent. And everyone in the Democratic campaign organization got the message: Anything goes. Which is why the White House did not hesitate to use the Central Intelligence Agency illegally to obtain information about the Goldwater campaign. E. Howard Hunt, later convicted for taking part in the Watergate break-in, was then serving as chief of covert action for the CIA's Domestic Operations Division. He told a congressional committee a decade later that he was ordered to spy on Goldwater's headquarters in the fall of 1964. When Hunt, who knew full well that the senator could not be classified as a domestic enemy,' expressed reluctance to carry out the assignment, he was told that President Johnson himself had ordered this activity.' By the middle of September, Goldwater's regional directors were convinced that the telephones at the Republican national offices were bugged. The offices were periodically swept for listening devices, but important information kept leaking to the Democrats. The directors became so spooked that they began making their confidential calls from outside pay telephones. Far more disturbing was the FBI's illegal bugging of the Goldwater campaign plane, where the senator and his top aides often made crucial decisions. The bureau's illegal surveillance was discovered by Robert Mardian several years later, when he was assistant attorney general for the Internal Security Division in the first Nixon Administration."