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What does Bush have to tell the Country tonight ? I'll tell you what he's not going to say!

MSNBC: Bush seeks to ease worries about war

Everywhere across the MSM and the blogshere this morning people are talking about "What President Bush needs to tell the Nation tonight".

So, I'll weigh in on this as well. How much does he have to tell us? Not much. Why? Because I think the American people for the most part know what we are in Iraq for, why we went, how long this effort might take, etc, and despite what the MSM is trying to tell us, they are supporting the President and the war.

The American people are not doofs as the media seems to protray them so often.

Over at Polipundit, Lorie Byrd list seven points that the President should cover.

They are good, and maybe he'll cover them. But I'm not going to tell you what I think he should say. In my opinion Mr. Bush doesn't need an apologist.

But I will tell you what he's not going to say, and that is what is going to make the news tomorrow.

Here are five things he's not going to say:

1. He isn't going to announce a pullout date.
2. He isn't going to say he was wrong about going into Iraq.
3. He isn't going to say, "I'm sorry!, Me and Dick and Rummy are all pinheads and didn't know what we were getting into (prolonged struggle with 'insurgents' etc.)
4. He isn't going to talk about the "Downing Street Memo".
5. He isn't going to repudiate Karl Rove's statements; or fire him.

Now you watch the MSM tomorrow. After all, is it a mistake that the WAPO releases a opinion poll today? Does this lead by the AP story of the poll and Bush's speech tell you what "they expect"?

"President Bush is using the first anniversary of Iraq'’s sovereignty to try to ease American's’ doubts about the mission and outline a winning strategy for a violent conflict that has cost the lives of more than 1,740 U.S. troops and has no end in sight."

He's going to disappoint their expectations - as he usually does. President's Bush's most glowing characteristic is that he doesn't seemed phased by polls or media "concerns". He says what he means and means what he says. That idea is foreign to the left - it's called Leadership.

Buried down in the same AP article is this paragraph:

"Despite public misgivings about elements of the policy, there remains an underlying reservoir of support for the war and continued unwillingness by the public to abandon Iraqis to their fate. Despite the almost daily suicide bombings and mounting casualty rates, a majority of Americans -- 53 percent -- now say they are optimistic about the situation in Iraq, up seven points from December."

I"m not a "poll fan", I think they're bogus for the most part and tell us nothing except what opinion the pollster would like to get across, or more precisely to feed the OPEDs of tomorrow.

Yet, lets take that last paragraph quoted above at face value. It simply proves my point that the American people are not stupid and despite what the left and MSM would like us to believe this is NOT Vietnam. The same "game plan" they used then (polls, bad press, student - unrest) to have us retreat from Vietnam isn't going to work in Iraq.

This President isn't going to bow to "polls" and the "elite media's" expectation of what he should do. He stood on a twisted heap of rock and metal on September 14th, 2001 and said, "The people who knocked these buildings down will hear all of us soon!"

He inspired us then, and the MSM cringed.

He'll inspired us tonight, and tomorrow you'll see the media seeth.


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