Where in the World is Michael Smith?

Michael Smith - London
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Ok, this is Michael Smith of Downing Memo fame. A bio from Penguin Group USA which publishes his work.

The site lists his bio as:

"Michael Smith served for nine years in the British Army's Intelligence Corps as a latter-day codebreaker before going to work for the BBC Monitoring Service. He has written for a number of newspapers, including the Financial Times, the Sunday Times, and most recently the Daily Telegraph, where he is Defense Correspondent."

Now is the same Michael Smith of RaThErGaTe? Who knows, the original Michael has never stepped forward out of Texas. He is the great mystery of RaThErGaTe.

I could be grabbing at straws here, although I am one of the camp who believes that even if the memos are genuine they really don't say much more than we know already, much less are they damning to Bush.

But I'm intrigued and got nothing but time. After all back in January The Weekly Standard asked this question:

"Who is Michael Smith? The report identifies him only as a “journalist” in Texas. The panel does not appear to have spoken with Smith and tells us nothing of his previous work. Does he or did he work for a mainstream newspaper? A local television station? Does he write for a website or run a blog? Has he been involved in politics? As the man who led Mary Mapes to Bill Burkett, Smith is someone we need to know more about. How do we reach him?"

If Mr. Smith out of Texas would like to step forward - now is the time.