Ann Coulter - Not Another O'Connor

Reagan's Biggest Mistake Finally Retires

Ann Coulter tells us:

"The fundamental goal of the next Supreme Court justice should be to create a record that would not inspire Sen. Chuck Schumer to say, as he did of Justice O'Connor last week: "We hope the president chooses someone thoughtful, mainstream, pragmatic – someone just like Sandra Day O'Connor." That's our litmus test: We will accept only judicial nominees violently opposed by Chuck Schumer."

I agree. We need another O'Connor like Karl Rove needs a massage from Hillary Clinton! (Yuk!)

"For all the blather about O'Connor's moderation and pragmatism and motherly instincts, Mommie Dearest signed on to the most monstrous opinion in the history of the court, Stenberg v. Carhart, which proclaimed a heretofore unnoticed constitutional right to puncture the skull of a half-delivered baby and suction its brains out – just as the framers so clearly intended."

Amen, thank God SOMEBODY putting the record straight.