Wednesday, July 20, 2005


But did You know THIS about James Doohan?

The Stax Report: A Tribute to James Doohan

An excerpt:

"I had the pleasure of seeing Doohan twice in person. I first saw him at a convention in the late 1980s where I got to ask him a question before an audience of fans. Rather than simply asking about Trek, I went for something more personal. I asked him to tell us about his participation in D-Day as a member of the Canadian military. Doohan reacted very visibly and positively to this opportunity to address a less celebrated part of his life. He recalled the unit he served with and his being injured during the attack. He seemed grateful for the question and even called me "sir," which I took great pleasure in since I was probably all of 16 then and the only other guy I'd heard him call "sir" was Kirk!"

My note: Mr. Doohan lost half a finger during D-Day, which was consealed during filming the Star Trek TV show.

Aye....God's speed Scotty, thanks for the memories, AND your service to the World!

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