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I'll tell you who DOESN'T have a say in selecting a Supreme Court Nominee!

The following RANT is directed at those on the left who think (hee,hee, ha), they have a voice (ha,ha,ha)..over the next Supreme Court Justice.

We don't know yet who President Bush will pick to replace Justice O'Connor. But I can tell you who THINK they have a voice about the decision, that you are delusional.

Now put on your Tin Foil Hat, get your Kool-Aid, and let me tell you something:

"You ain't got NO voice in the matter!"

It's no secret that the left with it's hilarious "war rooms" and letter writing campaigns, think they really have a chance to influence President Bush's decision.

Hate to break it to you guys....He could give a sh*t what you want.

President Bush is the sole 'picker' of the next Supreme Court Justice, the Senate WILL confirm whoever the President picks. He and he alone will make that choice and contrary to your delusional thinking he isn't going to be influenced one iota from those who for the last three years called him a "crook" "thug", "liar", "idiot", etc.

President Bush owes NOTHING to those who would destroy him. He owes EVERYTHING to those who elected him and who expect them to pick their choice of a Conservative (right of center) Supreme Court Justice.

Oh, you can picket, march, fly your NOW brooms, kick and scream, cuss Karl Rove - it's not going to make one bit of difference. We won - we got the House, Senate and the Presidency - the spoils of winning the 2004 election.

We - NOT you - have the POWER. Again, ain't it a bitch?

The fact is you are going to just have to live with who he picks. You might not like it and get so mad you might move to France or Canada. I suggest France - Socialism is already in place - you'll fee at home.

Oh, and that filibuster horse crap.....forget it. Even the "14" can't save you now. If your boys get to talking - Nuclear Option - case closed - Nominee confirmed.

Ain't it a bitch?

Rant over.


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