MSNBC - DNC Human Talking Point, David Gregory Bloviates

Dick Gregory: Root of the Rove controversy is the war in Iraq

DNC "Dicky Doo" Gregory writes:

"As to the question of whether what Karl Rove did was a smear campaign, or politically sleazy, it’s pretty clear to me that everyone in White House — from the president, to the vice president, to other officials — shared Rove’s interest in discrediting former Ambassador Joseph Wilson, who was critical of the administration’s case for going to war in Iraq."

Er...Mr. Gregory. No one in the Administration had to discredit Mr. Wilson - he did that to himself. Just in case you forgot, or are just trying to ignore hoping the American people have a short attention span, that little thing called the Senate Intelligent report made your "glory boy", make Bill Clinton look like, well, an honest man.

How about getting the story straight and stop trying to be the next Dan Rather?

You know in a post script, as I go farther into this story it is amazing to me that Mr. Wilson himself wasn't charged with falsification of a report or for those in the press corps - "lying". Remember, he wasn't simply "mistaken", he lied, and it wasn't without consequence, His lie was to the Congress and the President of the United States of America. Why isn't this guy in jail?

By the way.....How many stories did DNC Dicky Doo - do on this story?

(Them crickets are chirping again............)