Monday, July 25, 2005


The Plame Game - 3

Flopping Aces puts the story together of the What is Really Behind the Plame Game. Just like I've been tellng you all along, there always HAS BEEN more to this story.

Quick Synopsis so far...

1. Rogue CIA agents who are against an invasion of Iraq cook up fake documents.
2. Valerie Plame is recruited specifically of her views of a "crazy report" of Niger yellow-cake.
3. Valerie is asked to recommend or recommends on her own, her husband - a critic of the war - to go to Niger and come back with a pre-determined report.
4. Joe Wilson comes back and says, "No yellow cake in Niger". Administration discounts the report, instead opting for more credible reporting from British Intel and other sources.
5. Joe Wilson get's miffed and goes "ballistic" on the administration and publishes his story, get's on the talk circuit, writes a book, joins Kerry Campaign.
6. Senate Intelligence Committe finds Wilson to be a hack. Wilson goes "underground".

Now we come to the point of the "leak".

I'm am now - through some info I've received, tying up some 'loose' ends on the "who called who and where, and most important why."

One thing for sure, I'm not buying into the MSM take on this story simply because too many of the "playas" are in the probe. However I will say the Matt Cooper connection through his wife to the DNC is intriguing to say the least. In fact it's just too damn convenient if you ask me.

After all it was Cooper who called Rove and tried to bait him when he began to question him about Wilson. Now was Matt just doing a "reporter's" job? Or did someone put him up to it? Or did he do it on his own? That's what we have to find out.

The Supreme Court nomination blew the Rove story off the front page - as it really is no story at all. That's what flushed the "flies" out of the out house" so to speak. Plus further relevations of the Media's involvement are coming all the time.

(I thought Russert looked a little stressed this last Sunday on Meet the Press...)

Again, you're going to see a LOT more activity, designed leaks, etc. Don't be surprised. No matter what Fitzgerald comes up with, as I said here, I am all for Congressional/Senate hearings. Bring 'em on. Believe me that Senators like McCain, would love to get some of these rogues before them and get to the whole truth about what they tried to do to his country.

I'll keep you updated. I glad to finally see other bloggers take on the cause and see this story for what it really is and what it will be shown to be.

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