Tom Engelhardt's Most Excellent Adventure into Fantasy

Tomgram: Making the World Unsafe for Democracy

"One of the peculiar phenomena of our time is the renegade Liberal." - George Orwell's 1984.


"On Thursday morning, with the London bombings monopolizing the TV set, I watched our president take that long, outdoor, photo-op walk from the Group of Eight (G8) summit meeting to the microphones to make a statement to reporters. Exploding subways, a blistered bus, the dead, wounded, dazed and distraught just then staggering through our on-screen morning, and there he was. He had his normal, slightly bowlegged walk, his arms held just out from his side in a fashion that brings the otherwise unusable word "akimbo" to mind."

"Akimbo" in Tom's thinking meaning "Monkey"; just one of many cheap shots by a cheap writer.

Mr. Englehart, a long time hero of the the progressive left and debutant of Noam Chomsky, drips off into a diatribe that basically sums up all the ignorant, baseless fervant anger of the progressive left.

An opinion written with conviently missing facts and then stating "facts" out of context; and where he has no facts, well, he muses:

"There's something so confoundedly dream-like about all this, so fantastic, even absurd, especially set against the background of the murder of random people taking public transportation in one of the globe's great cities. As reality grows ever darker, our president never ventures far from his scripted version of a fictional world that is nowhere to be seen."

All quite typical for those of his persuasion. The article is long (winded) and I will be posting more on it's content as I "try" to get through it - as it is quite rambling. Almost like a Michael Moore Oscar acceptance speech.

I'm posting the link above for other conservative bloggers to get a look at it, and as we say, "Have a whack at it".