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Whiskey Bar -Send in the Clowns

More love from the left. Over at the "Whiskey Bar", "Billmon" muses insanely...

"It looks like the Cheney administration is finally getting serious about losing the war in Iraq -- it's sending in the radio talk show hosts:

A contingent of conservatives talk radio hosts is headed to Iraq this month on a mission to report "the truth" about the war: American troops are winning, despite headlines to the contrary.

The "Truth Tour" has been pulled together by the conservative Web cast radio group Rightalk.com and Move America Forward, a non-profit conservative group backed by a Republican-linked public relations firm in California.

If the Iraqi insurgents are smart -- and most of them are fucking geniuses compared to your average right-wing talk show host -- they'll spread the word: Leave these particular dumb ass infidels alone. (Not that any of them are likely to poke their porcine snouts outside the green zone without a brigade-strength escort. But you never know where the odd mortar round is going to land.)

Why? Because collectively, these guys are an enormously valuable asset to America's enemies -- both because of their utterly brainless support for Al Qaeda's strategy of turning the war against terrorism into a crusade against Islam, and because they've done such a splendid job of setting up the American people to be demoralized and disillusioned by the truth."

Doofus...."Osama LOVES Michael Moore" T-Shirts anyone?

Who was the last Americanquoted by Aljazeera?

Think hard.....(tip) it wasn't Rush Lumbaugh.

You know, I really think these doofs on the left are just mad because they didn't think of the idea first. Oh, that's right. If they went they would see that it's not as bad as they have been lying about. Just like they rip into the congressional delegation that went to the factility at Gitmo and had the audacity NOT to say, "It's a Gulag!"

If the doofs would try reading facts instead of DailyKos for their "news", they would know that the Government isn't funding squat of this tour, and that many of those going are paying money out of their own pockets. To liberals, "If it's good, it must be bad" rules.

The funny thing is how typical it is of the left to "insert" a motive where none was mentioned. For instance I don't read anywhere that these radio host said they were "journalist", but some are.

Is it any wonder these goofs can't win an election. They are like an old cranky aunt. You know, the one who was always bitching about the weather, the sun, the TV shows, the food stinks, etc.