Dr. Dobson: Tell StemKill to go "take a hike"!

StemPac wants Dr. Dobson to apologize:

"Nazi Experiments?" Tell James Dobson to Apologize
On the August 3rd broadcast of the Focus on the Family radio show -- devoted to a discussion of stem cell research -- James C. Dobson, founder and chairman of Focus on the Family, compared embryonic stem cell research with Nazi experiments conducted on live human patients during and prior to the Holocaust. Dobson also likened proponents of embryonic stem cell research to Nazi doctors (see full story at Media Matters).

Do we even have to explain why this is completely ridiculous and incredibly offensive? Dr. Dobson, read our lips: The Nazis killed millions of people -- stem cell researchers are trying to save millions of people.

Tell James Dobson to apologize. Use the form below to send him a message, and StemPAC will compile and deliver them to Dr. Dobson. Send a message now. Fight back."

No StemPAC - shut up. We'll not kill unborn for your experimentation. The "ends" do NOT justify the means - period!

Dr. Dobson has no need to apologize. But thanks StemKill for the heads up, I going to send him a note to keep it up!

Note: In case you didn't know this is the same leftist group that twisted Frist's arm until he said "uncle".

"[Frist's] announcement came the same week that a group of supporters for the research, StemPAC, began a television ad in New Hampshire, site of the first 2008 presidential primary, criticizing Frist for not scheduling a vote on the issue." -- CNN 7/29/05"

Unlike Senator Frists, Dr. Dobson stands for what he REALLY believes in.

Stand your ground!