Monday Morning Intelligence and the NY Times with Kool Aid - and Irate Journalists

Today I received this Mike Kelly of the Bergen Record. Seems he's miffed that someone challenged his facts. So he challenged back.:

"Macranger -

Mike Kelly here of the Bergen Record. Just read the blog bit in which a "bud" questions the facts in my column. Feel free to have your "bud" call me.

The facts are all there to research. Go ahead. Make my day. Mike Kelly

Office Phone: ***-***-****"

Whooboy....Down boy....Mikey.....down boy.

"Make my Day..." Cripes, what the hell is this a bad Hollywood Movie?

Well, I don't do phones or emails, but if you are referring to this post, the challenge to you and any other reporter taking about this story stands.

Simply this, cut the crap about the anonymous "super agents", and vague references, and produce proof. Show us the bodies, the records, or more than just your "say so".

You may be a very good repectable writer, and I'm not challenging yours or anyone else's integrity, but right now we have too many "ghosts", show us the proof, or write about something else.

You don't have to "prove" your "facts" to me or even a "bud".....

Just simply prove it.

Either produce the "super secret agents", or the phone records, or even the sign in sheet at the "Waynn Inn", or something, otherwise - take a bow.

The fact is at the point, we have a lot of people writing and talking about this "story", but no one to this date has produced any real viable proof of record. So you got some proof/evidence - good! Print it up in the "Bergen Record" - better yet, give it to the NY Times! Or hold on to it for hopefully Senate hearings.