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Peter Jennings and the Anti-Smoking crowds

Forces International

Watching the news since Peter Jennings died of lung cancer, and the constant parade of anti-smoking slanted news, I thought people would like a few facts that you won't get anywhere else.

First, the "passive smoking" issue. In a word, it's a fraud. Don't take my word for it - visit FORCES International to get a real education on how basically "junk science" got accepted as fact.

Now with that out of the way, I don't smoke, gave it up years ago. In 1999 my mother died of Lung Cancer. She had been a smoker years before. We just accepted it at the time that her "past" had caught up with her.

However, after she died the doctor told us something that shocked us at the time, but that I've since verified with other doctors.

She didn't die of lung cancer BECAUSE of her past smoking, but because of a tumor in her colon that metastisized to her lungs.

Then he began to show us data that showed that of all lung cancer smoking is attributed to only eight-percent of lung cancers. The remaining ninety-two percent is attributed to other causes such as what my mother had.

Interesting enough I sat in on an Amercian Cancer Society briefing a while back. During the presentation they stated that studies showed that tobacco by itself in it's natural state before processing contains no known carcenojins. It's what the tobbacco companies do to the cigarette AFTER the harvest that cause the problems. The solution, buy 'native' tobacco and roll your own. Don't laugh! That's exactly what they said.

Now I know this sounds like bull cr*p, but consider this:

The investment in antismoking activities by the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation, philanthropic arm of Johnson & Johnson, between 1992 and 2000 in one nation alone, the United States: well over 300 million dollars have been invested by just one multinational in financing antitobacco activities and "grass root" antismoking groups.

Again, if you don't smoke that's cool, but if you do and you're feeling the heat to quit, visit FORCES and get some really good data that isn't "paid" for by those with an agenda. Then make your decision and educated one.


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