Big Government is Here to Stay!

Big Conservative Government is here to stay.

Michelle Malkin may implode, but like it or not, big Government is here to stay. We can "pork bust" all we want, but the gravy train done left the station and it ain't stopping anytime soon!

If hurricanes had political persuasions, I would bet Katrina and Rita were hard core FDR democrats. Since they blew into Louisiana and Texas, the role of Government is changing rapidly, and like it or not it’s going to get bigger than Barbara Streisand’s ego (I’m being nice) before it’s all done.

If conservatives wanted to keep Government small, they didn't help their cause, joining in the "meme" of the MSM in the aftermath. Truth is that in the aftermath of Katrina I couldn’t tell the difference between MSM and the many of the Conservative bloggers and pundits.

Yeah, Brown screwed up, but by calling for his head, they simply allowed the left to use FEMA/BUSH/Federal Government bashing to get the Government to open the “Windows of Heaven". There is no stopping it now!

Hell! Were's MY check?

Lesson on the Art of War my friends, you have to pick and choose your battles. In the passion and anger and confusion that followed Katrina, Conservatives (except yours truly), let the left conduct the band and even got in a played an instrument or two. We've got no one to blame but ourselves.

So my conservative friends who detest big government - get used to it. Big Daddy Warbucks Government is hear to stay. There is no going back now. The sense of entitlement is the national mantra now.

A house for everyone! Even if you didn't have a house before! Don't worry about a thing, Uncle Sugar will take care of you!

I’ll be damned if they didn’t take Bush’s “Compassionate Conservatism” and throw it right back at ‘em. Like I said, Katrina and Rita were the best thing to happen to the Democrats and their cause since FDR!

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