Forced Evacuation Ordered for New Orleans

AP via Fox News: Mayor Authorizes Forced Evacuations

"NEW ORLEANS — As floodwaters receded inch-by-inch Tuesday, New Orleans Mayor Ray Nagin (search) authorized law enforcement officers and the U.S. military to force the evacuation of all residents who refuse to heed orders to leave the dark, dangerous city.

Nagin's emergency declaration released late Tuesday targets those still in the city unless they have been designated by government officials as helping with the relief effort.

The move comes after some citizens bluntly told authorities who had come to deliver them from the waterlogged city that they would not leave their homes and property.

While acknowledging the declaration, police Capt. Marlon Defillo said late Tuesday that forced removal of citizens had not yet begun. He said that officers who were visiting homes were still reminding people that police may not be able to rescue them if they stay.

"That would be a P.R. nightmare for us," Defillo said of any forced evacuations. "That's an absolute last resort."

This is a good move, we've got to get those people out.

One thing is for sure, Cpt. Defilio is right. You can bet the MSM will make sure it's a PR nightmare.

I can just hear the see the cameras rolling now and the biting commentary!

"Ok Bob, get that tight shot - right there, those three cops and a guardsman, stuggling with that 69 year man, trying to forceably take him away from his home....his home that he and probably generations of family members have lived at......, Oooh! they used mace on him!" Bob did you get that? Yes it was mace and now the man is screaming!......Oh, this is hard to watch,.....good camera angle Bob!

Ok, now they have him on his back.....apparantly they are going to "hog tie" him......Oh, my, this is what we've come to, forcing people out of the home they have lived in for generations...."

Yeah, can't wait for this!

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