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Saudi minister says Iraq headed for disintegration

"WASHINGTON, Sept 22 (Reuters) - Iraq is heading toward disintegration, raising fears of a wider regional conflict, Saudi Arabian Foreign Minister Saud al-Faisal warned on Thursday.

He said he did not believe the country was engulfed in full-scale civil war but the trend was moving in that direction.

The comments, to journalists invited to meet with the foreign minister at the Saudi Embassy, marked the second time in two days Saud spoke publicly of his alarm over developments in Iraq and appeared to reflect a growing disagreement between the kingdom and the Bush administration.

"Iraq is a very dangerous situation and a very threatening situation," he said.

"The impression is gradually going toward disintegration. There seems to be no dynamic now that is pulling the country together. All the dynamics there are pushing the (Iraqi) people away from each other," he said.

Asked what Saudi Arabia feared most about the trend, Saud said, "It will draw the countries of the region into conflict and that is the main worry of all the neighbors of Iraq."

He referred specifically to Iran, which is backing and supplying Shi'ites in Iraq, and to Turkey, which would not permit a separate Iraqi Kurdish state on its border."

Recently the Saudi's have been doing a lot better on "policing their act", by rounding up or killing literally hundreds of AQ's over the last few years. Some would argue though that isn't enough.

However, the situation in Iraq cannot be properly accessed without understanding that it has become the "gathering place" for terrorists around the region.

Terrorist love publicity, and if you want front page coverage across the world's media, then you blow up a car in Iraq. If anywhere else it's page 15A. I can see them using this in recruitment, "Come to Iraq and make a impact for Allah!"

What our "War on Terrorism" has caused, and I don't think it was entirely not by design was a war within Islam. Different religious factions within Iraq are the hold up on the Constitution, as are the differing factions a concern with Iraq's neighbors.

One has to wonder: "Was this just designed to get 'em all to fight each other instead of us?"

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