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In the long run Democrats have a lot more to lose from Katrina

Newsweek - The Oval: Bush's Pothole Moment

"Bush may not be running for office again, but this is his pothole moment. Whether or not he succeeds at fixing the hole that Katrina left will determine his future as well as that of the GOP-controlled Congress—and, for that matter, the state and local officials on the ground. The big difference between Bush and, say, Gov. Kathleen Babineaux Blanco in Louisiana, is that the president is the only one with the resources and the experience to get the job done."

First let me say that no disaster should be a stepping stone for political advantage.

But hey, the Democrats and the MSM started this so...

First, let me say that Democrats have been playing "catchup" of sorts ever since 9/11.

Yes it was a disaster, a terrorist attack and 3000 died. But it also thrust the infernal enemy, George Bush into the strata-sphere of poll ratings. It put him on the chart so to speak and defined him as the National Security President.

Something even "King Bill" never achieved.

Damn it all to hell!

In fact, nothing of any great magnitude happened during Billy's reign (thank God), unless you consider Twin Towers (93), Waco and Mogadishu.

....Ok, nevermind.

Sure Democats were on board in the days following 9/11, mostly making sure they got their photo taken with the guy who had the 80-90 percent approval rating.

But it didn't last long and soon they were back into their bitch and whine mode and have been stuck there ever since. While the President not only talked the game but delivered, Democrats

....complained, whined and bitched.

Sadly we now have another disaster, ten times worse than 9/11, and yet this time, instead of solidarity Democrats see an opportunity to use the death and destruction to position themselves for 2006 and beyond.

Especially with the beyond.

Just read Fineman's article this about Hillary Clinton (The Savior) to get the advance 'game plan' of what her campaign will be running on.

By the way, did I mention that Hillary voted to put FEMA under Homeland Security?

Oh, yeah, facts.....tisk, never mind.

All week while the Republicans were basically in the "muck" with the press blaming them for everything except the extinction of the Dinosaurs.

Yet when you look at it they really were in fact in the muck on the ground in the recovery. In fact once they effectively relieved the inept Mayor of New Orleans and the Governor of Louisanna of command, things began to get a lot better for the evacuees.

Of course Democrats like Senators Pelosi, Leahy and the usual supsects were at their podiums this week denouncing FEMA, President Bush, and even Ronald Reagan, while all the time not really being seen (except for Hillary) at any of the shelters with "hands on" helping the evacuees. Now if you think that doesn't matter, or people don't notice, I'll sell you a bridge in in the desert.

Fact is that as we have had a week to digest what happened in those horrible 72 hours after Katrina's landfall, we know now that the greatest fault of non-repsonse lay with the City of New Orleans and the Governor of the State of Louisiana. That is an irrefutable and unmistakable fact.

Hence, the MSM slow back off of "Blame Bush", except on rabid MSNBC and Chris Matthew's HardBall.

The Democrats ought to take heed though.

You see time heals all wounds. Money heals wounds too and so does recovery. As time goes on and more comes out, as it has this week Democrats will have a lot more to lose in the long run, as we now see the majority of the screw ups occured right inside Louisiana's borders.

If the MSM was doing it's job and reporting the facts as they are the public would see that a Democratic Governor and a Democratic Mayor and City Government, failed to do what Democrats pride themselves on: Protect the poor. This again, is irrefutable. Despite what the media might say otherwise, it's the truth.

Coming into 2006 and 2008 the Democrats don't want what is left of their now tarnished reputation on the domestic front coming even more to the foreground.

Which is why I welcome hearings and an investigation. Bring it on, let's get charts and maps and especially those pictures of the Buses and then we can hear how Mayor Nagin refused to save the poor from disaster because he wanted them to ride "Greyhound". Let's hear more about what we are hearing about the total incompetence - the Peter Principle LIVE - of Governor Blanco and how she just "couldn't make a decision" about what to do in the face of a category four storm.

So let's do it, bring it on. I've got a feeling that as time goes on, and more bad news on the "home front" becomes known, the Democrat's fervor for investigation will die out.

More at Tom Mcquire, who thinks this all may be a boon for Democrats.

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