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MEMO to the Post: You Wish!

For Bush, Next Moves Are Key to Rest of Term

"The first week of September 2005 likely will be remembered as one of the most troubled weeks of George W. Bush's presidency, a time in which natural disaster combined with bureaucratic bungling in ways that threatened to inundate an administration already on the defensive.

Even before Hurricane Katrina ravaged the Gulf Coast last Monday, Bush was buffeted by public dissatisfaction over the war in Iraq and consumer outrage over rising gasoline prices. But the federal government's widely criticized response to the hurricane's devastation in New Orleans and elsewhere turned a challenging environment into one that is potentially overwhelming.

His success in undoing the negative perceptions of the past few days could be critical to sustaining the political capital necessary to achieve other objectives of his second term -- from avoiding further erosion of support for his Iraq policies to domestic initiatives yet to come."

Let's be clear. There is the reality and then the reality of the MSM - that they would want you to buy into. During the 2004 election they would have you believe that Bush was pretty much toast, that Kerry and his Kissing Cousin John Edwards would sweep into the White House in a wave of discontentment.

But Damn, it didn't work that way did it? Why?

Because there, an ever gowing and grand disconnect between the media and the people. The MSM is still delusionally convinced that the public eats out it's hand and believes everything can comes out of "propaganda mill".

So much are they into their delusion that they throw out stupid statement and KNOW that you and I will nod our heads in agreement.

These statements for instance are good examples:

"In this case, anger has been focused on Bush and his administration to a degree unprecedented in his presidency. Sen. Mary Landrieu (D-La.) said in an ABC News interview that aired Sunday that she would consider punching the president and others for their response to what happened there. Local officials, some in tears, have angrily accused the administration of callousness and negligence.

The crisis in Louisiana also has rubbed raw relations between the administration and the African American community, with charges of racism leveled at the White House over the response to those stranded in New Orleans. Those charges threaten to trample the efforts Bush and the Republican National Committee have made recently to reach out to blacks. One sign of the problem was the appearance of Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice, the administration's highest-ranking African American and an official whose portfolio does not normally include domestic problems, in her native Alabama yesterday, where she sought to rebut those charges as vigorously as she could."

See? Dan Balz would have you believe that the rantings of a group of deranged lunatic and inept politicians spell trouble for the President.

You wish. Most people feel according to this poll that the real idiocity lies at their feet - not President Bush's. I'll give you a scandal Dan, how about this: TheNational Disgrace, is the cuprits, the Mayor, the Governor who are incidently are Democrats - self described protectors of the poor and the infirmed - who because of their incompetence allowed thousands of the poor to go hungry, thirsty and even die. There's your impact - there's your story!

And spare us the using of Sec. of State Condi Rice as the "Token Race Card" by suggesting that she was sent to "quell" black discontent.

She was there Dan because it's her home state that was affected, the "vigorous rebuttal" was in fact because of a lame-ass question by a more lame assed reporter.

The only "racism" question that was raised was by you people of the MSM - as it always is. You always see the black and white of every problem, even when no one on the ground thought of it.

When it is all said and done the MSM will have again shown their irrelevance in the future. People are no longer hanging on every "through forming word" that comes off their pages and out of their mouths.

It's about time.

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