MSM - If We Can't Report, We'll Make it up!

Living with the MSM is really getting old.

You, know it like I said before, if you had to be with someone who is constantly bitching and moaning about this and that, and sharing only the negative points and never has anything positive to say, you get a little sick and tired of hanging around them.

Nothing has brought this more to bear than in the last weeks since Katrina and now Rita. Between the hurricanes, the MSM and the Democratic response, I can't tell what has devastated us more.

For the MSM, I think they are shown only that they can no longer just report the news, they have gone completely over to simply creating it.

Whether it's Tim Russert "in the moment" with a democratic hack in Louisiana shedding Alligator tears, reading DNC talking points to generate fear and hate, or to predictions of massive body counts and dooms day scenarios, which never materialized. They have made themselves even further irrelevant as a source of real and accurate information.

Their political bias - if in doubt before 2004, is now widely known. But

President Bush was criticized for being on vacation before Katrina, and then being asked if "he was in the way" before Rita.

Can you imagine that? That's the where the MSM is at today. Asking the President of the United States IN the way in preparation for a national disaster. Pretty comical, if not downright pathetic.

One would ask in all these disasters whether the MSM has been in the way of us getting the facts, by them providing objective reporting, and yes, NEWS. Real news - not some prissy editorial by plastic haired prima-donas doing their best Dan Rather impersonations, but NEWS - just what is going on.

Sadly, that's gone for good.

Gone are the days of simply reporting the news - you know, just the facts. The hard line reporter "getting the story" is long gone. Instead today you have "news readers" - pretty faces that "speak words that scroll from a prompter" written by an editor, along with the input of psychology/socialogy consutants that help them "shape the words" so as to get the greatest "emotional effect".

Rita now has come and gone. The MSM is talking about how Houston and Galveston "dodged a bullet". But wait. In a matter of days they will criticizing local officials for ordering mass evacuations when it turned out it wasn't necessary. The beat goes on.

For me, for future storms, I"m turning on the Weather Channel.

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