Oh, so that's it! He's not crying!

Can't Win for Losing?

Dan Froomkin of the Washington Post on his blog "White House Briefing" (snort!)

"White House aides have apparently been expressing their frustration to members of the press corps, saying President Bush just can't win with them: When he doesn't pay a visit after a disaster, he gets criticized for being heartless; when he does, he get criticized for getting in the way (and wasting gas). Sounds like the White House has a point there, doesn't it?

But it's not that simple. And as is often the case with this White House, the problem is that no one is asking the right questions.

The right question in this case is not whether Bush should or shouldn't visit disaster sites. The right questions are: 1) Does he fully grasp the human tragedy?; and 2) Are his trips helping the recovery or not?

Bush is obviously distressed to some degree by the devastation and the slow government response. Yesterday, he acknowledged that the region is "hurtin'." And two weeks ago, he accepted responsibility for the (unspecified) federal government failures in the wake of Katrina.

But the relative lack of emotion in his remarks raises the possibility that he doesn't fully appreciate the sense of loss experienced by countless thousands of Gulf Coast residents."

Oh I see. It's not like Clinton who could "feel their pain", but wouldn't in a minute invite a black evacuee to his home.

So Bush isn't sobbing. He's not wailing and knashing his teeth and throwing dust in the air. Ok, Dan...that's as clear as it can be.

Incidently, did you notice he's not bitching either?

Yeah, it's amazing! President Bush is actually on the ground, doing something instead of sitting on a chair sucking a latte and typing 'words of inter galatic wisdom' into a computer about a President's 'photo ops'. Or exaggerating stories, or even making them up, or 'photo oping' in the rain.

More and more we see, the truth is out, that MSM is proving yet once again that they have become irrelevant in determining anything of ....relevance.

Whether it's Maureen (haven't see a story I couldn't make up and better!) DowdDand the rest of the left nitpicking fuel cost for Air Force One, or his hair isn't combed right, or he slurs or whatever....

Hey! I got it. Just let the press ride in the Jane Fonda bus to all the events! Hell, it's fueled on chicken fat or something like that! As I said all along, the MSM should be taking the lead here and showing us the way and looking out for us! Just think of the fuel saved if Helen Thomas would stay off of Air Force One!

Come on Froomkin, sell your Hummer (Oh, Clinton owns that...sorry), and walk to work!

Come on my man, show us the way it is done!

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