Media Matters Meets the National Enquire

If you had any questions about how slimey the folks at Media Matters (That George Soros Place) will go. This story on Rush Limbaugh and his 'Mistress' at CNN.

"Limbaugh read note from his "mistress in Georgia" (aka CNN's Daryn Kagan?): Bush's speech was "great," "sounds like you giving this speech"

The beef? Kagin is .....GASP! A Republican! ......God!

Cripes! Limbaugh is dating a Republican? My God! What's this world coming to!

Are you kidding me? This is news?

You want news? How about George and his 'youthful' hobby? Oh never mind.

Folks, this is what the left is 'left with'....nothing.

What's next for Media Matters? "Bush consults with Bat Boy!"

You see here, the left only thinks that Democrats in media should be hitched.

UPDATE: Rush's link to this particular broadcast has been removed from his site. Frankly, I don't blame him. For all Media Matters purports to be (the opposite of the professional and incidently in the open funded Media Research Center), it's become nothing less than a DNC propaganda tool, and now simply a gossip rag.

Even when they copy, they can't tell the truth.