Schumer - Heal Thyself!

Congressional Democrats pledge reform in Washington

"WASHINGTON (Reuters) - Congressional Democrats stepped up attacks on what they called Republicans' "culture of cronyism and corruption" on Thursday, trying to capitalize on a spate of ethics scandals and the Bush administration's heavily criticized response to Hurricane Katrina.

Although congressional elections are still more than a year away, Democratic leaders -- often accused of not being able to articulate a clear party message -- held a series of news events in which they sought to link allegations of corruption and government incompetence.

The fiasco over the response to Hurricane Katrina "sort of pulled up the curtain and exposed the whole mess," said Sen. Charles Schumer (news, bio, voting record) of New York, who heads up the Democratic election effort for the Senate.

"We as a party are going to be the broom that sweeps things clean."

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