This is CNN

I'm not a bit suprised but NRO's Stephen Spruiell over at the Media Blog has this catch of Lou Dobbs report on Tom Delay tonight, complete with a CNN furnished "Tom Delay on a wanted poster", graphic.

"CNN's Lou Dobbs led his broadcast tonight with the story about the arrest warrant issued for Tom DeLay, choosing to play that angle up without mentioning that Ronnie Earle cannot produce the most important piece of evidence listed in his indictments. CNN's lead graphic was a wanted poster with DeLay's picture on it."

This might be CNN, but it's not journalism. Dobbs should apologize on tomorrow's broadcast. He of all people ought to be the last to take a cheap shot at anyone. This hypocrisy is especially telling in light of their own Christiane Amanpour's bleeding heart article on Saddam's trial today.

Contact Lou to tell you how you feel.

UPDATE: Via the Media Blog More hypocrasy from Mr. Earle and his ties to the extreme left.