Plame Game - Brent Scowcroft - More dots to connect

I've had a few people ask for information on just who is Brent Scowcroft and what is his connection to Joseph Wilson, the Plame Game and the War in Iraq.

According to Free Republic Poster Fedora we know of Wilson and Scowcroft connection is somewhat removed but joined:

"While working out of Rock Creek’s offices (where JC Wilson International Ventures was located), Wilson also advised American-Turkish investment groups who shared (Sentator Chuck) Hagel’s negative views of Bush’s Iraq policy.

Wilson had developed Turkish contacts during his diplomatic career.

While stationed in Iraq, he had shared intelligence with members of the Turkish embassy there, including ambassador Ahmet Okcun, who would later become Turkey’s Foreign Ministry Coordinator for Reconstruction of Iraq.

Also, while in Germany, Wilson had worked on Iraqi-related issues with Turkish General Cevik Bir, a critic of US policy towards Iraq. Wilson and Bir expressed similar views on Iraq when they spoke together at events held by the American-Turkish Council (ATC), a Turkish-American business association headed by Brent Scowcroft, another prominent Republican critic of the Bush administration’s Iraq policy.

Scowcroft and Wilson shared the view that President Bush’s policy towards the Middle East and Iraq was dominated by a cabal of pro-Israeli “neo-cons" represented by Richard Perle--as Wilson expressed his views in a June 2003 lecture (EPIC Lecture), Bush’s invasion of Iraq “was all done to make Sharon's life easier. . .American soldiers are dying in order to enable Sharon to impose his terms upon the Palestinians. . .American boys and girls are dying for Israel". Wilson’s contact with the ATC also brought him into contact with his future wife, Valerie Plame, whom he met while receiving an ATC award during a reception at the Turkish embassy in Washington.”

So from here we see that they both have exensive connections with anti-war, anti-semitic, leftist organizations. Other orgnizations sharing specifically the same views would be the VIPS organization as well as

More of Mr. Scowcroft is found here and on the Scowcroft Group’s website.

Additionally Valerie Plame’s former supervisor, James L. Pavitt, also works with Mr. Scowcroft’s group.

So what do they do?

According to their website, the Scowcroft Group:

"Helps business succeed by assigning project teams tailored to the specific business or investment opportunity and the country involved. Our services include:

Political and Business Risk Assessment of Target Markets
Market Entry Strategy and Business Venture Structure Development
Identification of Potential Sources of Capital
Identification and Vetting of Potential Joint Venture Partners
Local and International
Management of Regulatory and Taxation Issues
Access to International Government Agencies and Overseas Private Parties
Resolution of Investment and Operational Challenges"

Well, that would be definitely helpful to a new startup in say, 1998, that specialized in Strategic Management and International Business Developmentwouldn't it?

Ok, so how does this all tie in together? Again, falling on my former law enforcement career, when investigating to see if something illegal took place you look for things like “links”, “similarities” and “dots to connect”.

But of course you need more, because the links and similarities and dots have to say something. They have to form a picture, and that picture has to tell a story of whether or not anything illicit or evil took place. You also look for people who have "history together'.

Mr. Wilson and Mr. Scowcroft have a history.

However ultimately two things more very important things are needed: Motive and Opportunity. - the two necessary twins of crime.

As I’ve said repeatedly, this story, the characters involved, all in some way are linked, with similarities and connective dots. In fact, it’s amazing how so many people could be so linked in so many ways, but with one central core "Niger and Iraq"

Consequently, putting them all together a picture is beginning to form and yes, it says that something evil might have took place. - core – namely Iraq and Niger and an illicit uranium mining operation.

More on that as time goes on. For now to first establish motive, let’s complete the picture of Mr. Scowcroft.

Before the war, Scowcroft said, “An attack on Iraq now would "jeopardize, if not destroy [our] global counter-terrorist campaign." It could cause Saddam to launch weapons of mass destruction at Israel, provoking Israeli nuclear retaliation, igniting Armageddon.”

Pretty frightening language, but it was of the same language we heard from many opponents of the war. Some saying Saddam was no threat (France, Germany, Russia, which we know now was for financial reasons. Of course there are those who opposed the war simply because they don’t believe in it, and then there are those who supported removing Saddam somewhat, but not at this particular time.

Yet of late Scowcroft has been adopted by the “antiwar” left, as an example that Bush 43 is out of control as Scowcroft staunchly supported his Father in GW 1. As Scowcroft recently wrote in The New Yorker a rather critical look at the Bush Administration.

However, this article by Charles Krauthammer published on October 30th, 2005, gives us a little more insight:

"WASHINGTON - If I were in the anti-war movement, I would want a deeply patriotic, highly intelligent, distinguished establishment figure as my spokesman. I would want Brent Scowcroft.

Scowcroft has been obliging. Last week in The New Yorker, he came out strongly against the war and the neocon sorcerers who magically foisted it upon what must have been a hypnotized president and vice president.

Of course, Scowcroft's opposition to toppling Saddam is neither surprising nor new. Indeed, we are now seeing its third iteration. He had two cracks at Saddam in 1991 and urged his President Bush to pass them both up - first, after Saddam's defeat in the Gulf War and then, days later, during a massive U.S.-encouraged uprising of Kurds and Shiites when America stood by and allowed Saddam to massacre his opponents by the tens of thousands."

My Note: Don’t ask a “Shia” about Scowcroft and Bush 41’s ‘premature pullout’ in ’91.


"This cold-bloodedness is a trademark of this nation's most doctrinaire foreign policy "realist." Realism is the billiard ball theory of foreign policy. Whether the people running a foreign country are the Assad family gangsters in Syria or Mother Teresa, you care only about their external actions, not how they treat their own people.__Realists prize stability above all, which is why Scowcroft is the man who six months after Tiananmen Square toasted those who ordered the massacre; who, as the world celebrates the Beirut Spring that evicted the Syrian occupation from Lebanon, sees not liberation but possible instability.__Even today Scowcroft says, "I didn't think that calling the Soviet Union the 'evil empire' got anybody anywhere." Tell that to Natan Sharansky and other Soviet dissidents for whom that declaration of moral - beyond geopolitical - purpose was electrifying, and helped galvanize the dissident movements that ultimately brought down the Soviet empire."

I think that gives you a perfect picture of the position Scrowcroft truly holds. No doubt those who work with him hold similar views as the “group” name implies. But is this position criminal? No, not necessarily. I don’t agree with it, but it’s not “evil” in itself. However, motive sometimes uses “good” to justify “evil”.

Mr. Scowcroft’s group specializes in the same type of business that Wilson which is “expanding business relationships in the middle east”. Again, not evil. I'm pro-business.

Unless that is your business is to help facilitate the “selling yellow cake uranium” to rogue nations or something like that.

That's definitely bad and just the thing that would get all screwed up if damned Neocon's went in and took out middle man Saddam. Just not the start of a good day at all.

Just a final note. Scowcroft Group was formed in 1994, the same date that another CIA Front was formed, “Brewster Jennings & Associates” - Plame’s ‘covert’ ‘employer’. Another firm with "international flavor and influence" that comes up in namebase searches with Scowcroft is a company named BERG Associates, LLC.

Coincidence, or just more links, dots, etc.?

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