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Plame Game - Crumbling from Within

New Investigation? Well maybe, but it's not like people think.

Since Bob Woodward surfaced with his "bombshell" that yes, he too - like the rest of Washington - knew who Valerie Plame/Wilson's wife was, everyone is wondering who "leaked" to Bob.

Yet outside of a the rabid MSM whodunit, the real question is "Who cares". In case anyone missed it, and even if they didn't but they're trying to spin it, there wasn't any leak, at least not a criminal one.

NEWSFLASH: Fitzmas - fizzed.

Libby wasn't indicted for any leak - show me in the indictment where he was and I'll buy the beer. The fact is that in October 2004 Fitz wrapped up the investigation on the leak and began to tie up the loose ends. All he needed to do was talk to a few journalist (Miller/Cooper), and wrap things up. Except that there were these "descrepancies" that came about (he said, she said), and well, you've spent 70 million bucks on a boondoggle investigation and somebody had to go down.....

Anyway, the point is that there was no leak - it's that simple. If there was no leak, there was consequently the determination that Plame wasn't a covert agent, so you can't "leak" her name. So with that, who cares who talked to Bob or anyone else at this point? Well, only the five percent of the population that cares anything of the story.

However, the real story now, as it has always has been what did all these MSM reporters know and when did they know it? Moreover, the story I've been working on and will begin to release soon, what was the Plame Game all about. It's essentally two fold. An illicit Niger uranium trade, of which not only nations were getting rich, but individuals and specifcally corporations were getting a cut. Along the way many were getting paid and paid off to keep the game going.

When the King killed the Golden Goose, the plan was hatched to kill the King. It's that simple. But it didn't work, as George W. Bush won the 2004 Presidentlial election. The goal was to defeat him - simple payback. But after all the designed leaks, MSM blitzkriegs, books etc, he still won.

Therefore since last year the NEW plan - but really an old plan - has been to impeach the President through trumped up charges of lying us into a war - a plan which incidently isn't working either. Yet this won't stop them. As fanatics are known to do, when their losing grip they redouble their efforts. They will keep trying, but recent developments are beginning to crack their "cover".

As in any crime family operation, when you want to toppel them and bring them down, the best way is to get them to turn against one another from within. To shine the light - so to speak - so that the rats scatter.

You're witnessing that in the MSM now. Soon you will witness it among the other groups as the net - which has been already cast - begins to tighten.

The funny thing to watch now is the scattering/name calling/ blamegaming, as the NY Times fires Miller, and now the WAPO is hanging their "god" Woodward out to dry. Yep, this isn't going to be pretty to watch - at least not for them.

We are already seeing this in ways that don't seem connected, but will as time goes on. We know Pincus is in the frying pan with China Gate, and although I know his wife is a DNC hack, and he himself is a former CIA stooge, he's on the top of my list (especially since he was hanging out the window at the WAPO building squaking "Bob's a liar!" so quickly after Robert's coming out).

So now there is more breathless stiring as the media reports Fitzgerald is seeking another GJ, and "this could be another twenty-two, or two or none, indictments!"

However, the only stiring I've seen isn't from the White House, but from the "rocks" of MSM at the Washington Post, NY Times and others. Could it be, that Media-gate, may be coming to fruition. Oh the irony! Thirty years after the MSM conspired with the FBI/CIA to bring down Nixon, by the same Woodward, they all come tumbling down.

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