Woodward's Surprise Source? Not so fast

Talk about “Curveball”......

Newsweek seems to have discovered the secret “leaker” to Woodward – namely former Deputy Secretary of State Richard Armitage.

Ok, I guess for the vast majority of sleuths that's a good a source as any. Especially anyone from the NSC, State Department. But again, as I said before, what difference does it make?

As I said here, the question of whether there as a leak at all was solved by Fitzgerald. There wasn’t. Case closed. If there had been a violation of her "status" Fitzgerald would have charged someone with that. There wasn't - he didn't. Libby got indicted because Fitzgerald accused him of the perjury/obstruction – the usual things you charge someone with at the end of a long investigation. Hey, you know, taxpayers and all. The Plame game wasn't about a leak as much as it was the trip wire to bring down the President of the United States. As we know, while "the war" is still going on, the game hasn't worked.

Yet all through out this I’ve been saying and hinted that there is a greater story than a “leak” here, and a greater story to come.

Yes, Armitage IS an interesting figure, and he fits the profile. We'll have to see.

But I believe now it is time at this point to introduce another player in the Plame Game, one who could also be called (in a way) "no partisan gunslinger", and is also a former administration official, however long ago that was...

So without further adeau I bring you:

Mr. Roger Morris.


Mr. Morris is the former NSC Staffer during Johnson and Nixon's years who has made a living telling basically telling on the CIA, and everybody else. He even wrote of much unloved book about the Clintons (thus no partisan).

(Don't you love these NSC geeks - always talking about people, blabbing secrets....)

Mr. Morris in many eyes - mine as well, while known as a Nixon biographer (I'll bet), extrodinaire - was one of the main characters that working behind the scenes feeding information, that helped bring down him down in Watergate.

Kookie? Crazy? Yeah. Most things in Washington are just this kookie and crazy.

So what was his motivation for being an 'outsource" for Watergate? Simple. A four-year resentment, reference vehement disagreement over foriegn policy. Specifically in Nixon's case it was move to invade a country that he and his boss Kissinger didn't believe need invading - namely Cambodia.

(Hmm, a lot like the disagreement that some in the State/CIA had with Bush's move into Iraq. Eh?)

With this in mind the parallels between Nixon/Watergate and Bush/Plamegate are amazing. But more on that to come later.

Morris wrote on the leftist rag “Common Dreams” in 2004, where he asked Americans on the front lines of Foreign Service to resign from the "Worst Regime by far in the History of the Republic." Here's what he said:

"Thirty-four years ago this spring, I faced your choice in resigning from the National Security Council over the invasion of Cambodia. I had been involved in fruitful secret talks between Henry Kissinger and the North Vietnamese in 1969-1970, and knew at least something of how much the invasion would shatter the chance for peace and prolong the war -- though I could never have guessed that thousands of American names would be added to that long black wall in Washington or that holocaust would follow in Cambodia. Leaving was an agony. I was only beginning a career dreamed of since boyhood. But I have never regretted my decision. Nor do I think it any distinction. My friends and I used to remark that the Nixon administration was so unprincipled it took nothing special to resign. It is a mark of the current tragedy that by comparison with the Bush regime, Nixon and Kissinger seem to many model statesmen."

Oh, those fruitful "secret talks". Just like the one that Senator Jay Rockefeller had with Syria in 2002. Read the rest of Morris's screed, and compare the venom to that of the far left antiwar websites (where Morris is often published) and you replication of the familiar script.

In 1970 Morris resigned in a tiff because he disagreed with Nixon’s move into Cambodia in. Fine, lots of people quit their job because they disagree with the boss, but Morris went further. He ploted and planned a way to overthrow his former boss and the help of the MSM and other malcontents carried it out. Enter Woodward.

"But we were told and he confessed that Mark Felt was deep throat? ....and,....and....Woodward said that, .."


Mark Felt is to Deep Throat like I am to Superman. Not even close. Felt was no doubt a part of the plan in some measure, but he didn't have half the resources that say, a former NSC staffer right under Kissinger would have had.

Morris wrote this article in which he makes the case for Condolezza Rice as the source of the leak in the Plame game, and where he incidently "tips his hand" in a particularly revealing, yet highly editorialized timeline, as if he knew the script by heart.

Ultimately who ever was "fueling" this Game from the start to me had to be someone who knew the game, knew Woodward - intimately - and yet nobody would ever suspect. In my book, Morris fits that mold nicely.

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