Able Danger - A Crack forming in the 'Omission Commission"?

After being silent through the Summer, General Hugh Shelton is "letting his hair down!" talking up a storm about Able Danger. This article recounts some of the items talked about yesterday here.

First General Shelton says:

""Right after I left SOCOM (Special Operations Command), I asked my successor to put together a small team, if he could, to try to use the Internet and start trying to see if there was any way that we could track down Osama bin Laden or where he was getting his money from or anything of that nature," Shelton said Monday in an interview.

"It was just kind of an experiment," Shelton said. "What can we do? So, he pulled together a bunch of really bright, computer-literate guys from across the services."

Shelton's assertions are significant because they raise new questions about the government's knowledge of the al-Qaida network before the Sept. 11 attacks and about the subsequent findings of a commission that Congress set up to probe the attacks."

The question is: "Are some of the members of the panel feeling a little pressure as this story "just won't die". They can't make it "shoo away", it just keeps ticking. But with General Shelton talking now the heat is no doubt on.

Which is why I notice at the end of the article there seems to be a "crack" in the facade which covers the 911 Omission Commission:

"Lee Hamilton, a former Indiana Democratic lawmaker who was vice chairman of the Sept. 11 panel, said its staff interviewed the intelligence officers at the center of the Able Danger saga.

"They claim to have information about Mohammed Atta, and they claim to have this chart, but they cannot produce it," Hamilton said Monday in an interview. "If these folks have documentary evidence, let's bring it forward."

Despite an exhaustive two-year probe, Hamilton said, the commission might have missed important clues about the Sept. 11 attacks.

"We're still looking at the assassinations of Abraham Lincoln and John F. Kennedy," he said. "That's OK. And it may very well be that there are documents (related to Sept. 11) that we missed. We looked at over 2 million documents and had a very good staff, but it's possible we missed something."

Could it be?....Hamilton is about to "bolt" on the group and come clean? In any case it is a definite shift from the previous position - "It's possible". think?

UPDATE: Then again, maybe not.