According to the MSM - Troops Can't Die for Winning

Where in the hell is Senator Warner on this propaganda?

"BAGHDAD, Iraq - A roadside bombing near the Iraqi city of Fallujah killed 10 U.S. Marines and wounded 11 others, the Pentagon said Friday.

The bombing occurred Thursday, the U.S. military said.

No further information about the attack was immediately available.

News of the attack follows a show of unity from hundreds of Shiite and Sunni Muslims, who prayed together, then staged a joint demonstration in central Baghdad to denounce military and police raids and widespread arrests of suspected insurgents.

Men waved Iraqi flags and women dressed in black robes carried posters of their missing sons. Some protesters held up portraits of Sunni clerics who have been killed since the U.S. invasion in 2003.

Shiites make up the majority in Iraq, but were oppressed by former ruler Saddam Hussein, who is a Sunni. Since Saddam’s overthrow, Shiites have controlled most of the political power in Iraq, while the anti-U.S. insurgency has been dominated by Sunnis.

Sunni suicide bombers have targeted Shiite mosques and gatherings.

And Sunni leaders have complained of attacks by Shiite death squads tied to the government. Last month, U.S. troops discovered an interior ministry jail with 173 detainees, some showing signs of torture.

The ministry is “killing our sons at the orders of the (Iranians),” one poster read, referring to alleged ties between Interior Minister Bayn Jabr and Iran. Another poster referred to Jabr as an American agent."

Somehow the story of 11 brave marines getting killed by some terrorist punks via IED according to the Associated Depressed is reason to tie that event into their antiwar views.

There is no connection between this event and those torture allegations (received no less from terrorists), and make some half baked statement about terrorist staged protests about more trumped up allegations. None at all.

Talk about propaganda.

But as we know....It's all America's fault.

So according to our MSM, even when a soldier dies ...he's wrong.