Wednesday, December 21, 2005


Judge James Robertson

More on Judge James Robertson, the anti-Bush administration judge who quit the FISA court yesterday.

From the NY Times, November 8th, 2004

WASHINGTON, Nov. 8 - A federal judge today halted the Guantánamo Bay trial of a Yemeni prisoner suspected of being a member of Al Qaeda, ruling that the special military tribunals like the one the suspect is facing at the naval base in Cuba are contrary to principles of American justice.

The ruling, handed down this afternoon by Judge James Robertson of Federal District Court in Washington, halted the trial of the suspect, Salim Ahmed Hamdan, the moment news of it reached the military authorities at the base.

Judge Robertson sharply rebuked the Bush administration for its position that because the several hundred Guantánamo detainees have been classified as "enemy combatants," they are not entitled to the protections normally given to prisoners of war."

More on Judge Robertson here via Powerline Blog.

The fact is that Robertson is pro 'terrorist-rights' hack and a sham to the judiciary. But moreover, his political tainting is well known and documented.

From the Media Research Center, in 1998:

"After a judge dismissed tax evasion charges brought against Clinton crony Webster Hubbell on June 26, Dan Rather announced on the CBS Evening News: "In Washington a federal judge today bluntly described special prosecutor Ken Starr’s tactics as, and I quote, ‘really scary.’...U.S. District Judge James Robertson’s comment came when Starr’s team argued that it was proper to indict Hubbell again on tax charges based on documents Hubbell supplied under a grant of immunity." Not once did Rather suggest Judge Robertson’s ideological leanings or mention that he is a Clinton appointee"

Reading through some of his other rulings, you constantly see this "anti-conservative-activist commentary" coming through. It's "scary".

Yet, all that aside, I am more interested to find out whether or what connection he had to the release of the NY Times story. I find it incredulous that in a town like Washington where everyone's shoe size is known, that everybody is clamining to be in the dark on warrentless searches (used far more by Clinton than any other President in history) and other FISA judges saying they need more information, is in two words: Bull crap.

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