Toensing Slam

Just in case anyone missed it, on Wednesday night's "The Situation with Wolf Blitzer", he was interviewing Jeffrey Toobin, a CNN legal analyst on the fact that President Clinton signed orders reference to warrantless searches of American citizens.

Of course Toobin being the DNC talking memo attempted to say that "El-Savior" would never do such as thing. After all "He felt our pain".

Well, later in the show former Federal Proscutor Victoria Toesing called in to the show and set the record straight, as she would know, she was there.

Here is the transcript:

"Wolf Blitzer: "Stand by for a moment, Jeff. Stand by. Victoria Toensing has called us. She's a former justice department official. She's a well known Washington attorney. Vickie, you're hearing the decision I'm having now with Jeff Toobin. You wanted to weigh in. So go ahead, what's your point?"

TOENSING: The Clinton administration did carry out that authority when they went into Aldrich Ames' house without a warrant, and they argued before the House, Jamie Gorelick did, that they had the inherent -- the president had the inherent constitutional authority to do so.

TOOBIN: You know, I -- I really am not. It's worth noting though-- Ames pleaded guilty so there was never a court test of the appropriateness of that search, so I don't -- no court ever passed on it, but how -- what authority was the used I am afraid to say I certainly just don't know what was used.

TOENSING: Well, I can tell you what Jamie Gorelick said before the House committee. She said, "We relied on the inherent authority of the president to conduct warrantless searches." All right, that's a quote.

WOLF: Do you know of any other examples, Vickie, besides the example that you cite?

TOENSING: No, I don't. But I'm well aware of that one. Nobody was crying for impeachment when Bill Clinton did it in the Aldrich Ames case."

The fact is that NO one can cite ONE example NOW where any US citizen has had his civil rights violated or where the order signed by Bush had anywhere near the far reaching effects of Clinton's orders.

It is as you would say, a 'Slam Dunk'.

UPDATE: Washington Times - 'Warrantless' searches not unprecedented'