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Strong support for NSA Surveillance

New Poll shows support for NSA surveillance.

"WASHINGTON, Jan. 26 (Reuters) - More than half of Americans approve of the White House's domestic eavesdropping program to fight terrorism, but nearly two-thirds worry that Americans' civil liberties could be threatened by U.S. antiterrorism programs, according to a New York Times/CBS News Poll.

The poll, published in Friday's New York Times, found Americans were more accepting of the surveillance program if they believed it was intended to protect them.

Fifty-three percent of those surveyed said they approved of President George W. Bush's decision to authorize eavesdropping without prior court approval "in order to reduce the threat of terrorism," The Times reported."

Again, the President didn't authorize anything that any other President didn't authorize in a time a war. The problem is that the rabid socialist antiwar left dosen't believe we are at war - thinks 9/11 was an isolated incident or at worst a Bush/Cheney/Neocon conspiracy - and thus will do everything to sap our security so long as they can "get Bush". Sad.

But to intelligent people who know that we are -as President Bush has consistantly said - in a long protracted struggle against a non-traditional but nonetheless radical murderous enemy, they know that extreme times need extreme measures to insure the safey of our Nation.

When people sit down and think about it, look at their families and their safety, they agree. Do what it takes.

Check out fellow blogger AJ Strata, who is really doing some good work on this story.


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As I told you about in this post yesterday as a source confirmed to me that the Justice Department has launched a probe into the NSA leak. Mr. Risen, you are in trouble - prepare your defense. I told you so.

The White House will be announcing the probe at about 12:30pm. My source tells me that this probe will most likely result in another prosecutor being assigned as of course Fitzgerald is still busy/dizzy on the Plame/Game No-Leak. Additionally, other probes into other recent leaks such as the CIA 'prisons'leak is in the works as well. As I said, this is the NEW Bush - on the attack - it's no more Mr. Nice Guy!

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