United Nations - We've Got Game!

Hey, times are tough. You've got this little scandal called 'Oil for Food' which showed the whole world what it knew all along: That's you're just group of third-world country terrorist thugs!

You need a new "rap", a new "image". So what do you do?

That's right! You create a game! Introducing World Food Force - Game!

Introducing: Joe Zaki the Nutritionist - "He knows his carrots!"

Miles - Director of Food Purchasing. "Hello Niger,...yeah....listen, we ordered "Yellow Cake"....no not uranium, Y-E-L-L-O-W C-A-K-E.....like for birthdays?"

Hey, got that "hotdog" order cancelled? Call Angela Keene - Appeals Officer!

When everything else goes wrong, call Rachell - She's kick butt and get those food orders in order pronto!

What are you waiting for? The world is hungry! DownloadFood Force - World Food Program - The Game! now!