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Council of the Ungodly

I usely shy away from discusing matters of faith in this blog. But this kind of stuff cracks me up. Must be a slow news day, or the AP is laying low.

Anyway, it seems British Prime Minister Tony Blair had the audacity to bring the subject of his faith in God into the Iraq War.

Subsequently, the "godless left" jumps up and gives him a noogie.

"Scottish National Party leader Alex Salmond joined the condemnation of Tony Blair's assertion that he would be judged by God over his decision to go to war in Iraq.

Mr Salmond told a party meeting in Perth that Mr Blair did not look divinely inspired but "troubled, confused and with a great deal on his conscience".

"God was not the co-author of the war in Iraq - George W Bush was the co-author." he said.

"If the Prime Minister is prepared to be judged by the people and by God, then in the meantime perhaps he would submit himself to the proper judgment of Parliament by agreeing to the demand for impeachment and a parliamentary inquiry."

Tony Blair's comments, in an interview with Michael Parkinson, provoked a furious response from some of the families of servicemen killed in the conflict

Rose Gentle, whose son 19-year-old Scottish soldier Gordon, of the Royal Highland Fusiliers, was killed in Basra in 2004, said she was "quite disgusted" at Mr Blair's remarks.

"How can he say he is a Christian? A Christian would never put people out there to be killed.

"A good Christian wouldn't be for this war. I'm actually quite disgusted by the comments. It's a joke," she said.

Well let's look at that.

First, according to the Christian faith and the Bible, all human kind will once day appear before the judgement seat of God. So Blair is correct, and the heathen is again - wrong.

Secondly, plenty of Christian leaders have lead this nation in times of war in England as well as here in the US.

One would wonder how Mr. Salmond would have to say of George Washington, who was a devout Christian and kept a journal of his prayers to God. This is what he wrote while President:

"Let me live according to those holy rules which Thou hast this day prescribed in Thy holy word ... Direct me to the true object, Jesus Christ the way, the truth and the life. Bless, O Lord, all the people of this land."

George Bush is a Christian, and I have no doubt that much of the presecution he faces from the left is due to that fact. I remember a while back he was asked what was the first thing he did every morning right after he woke up. President Bush replied, "I go down to my study and bend my knees and talk to God".

Statements like that drives the anti-Christian forces crazy, but I find it an endearing quality and a great testimony to his character. In fact, everytime the President mentions his faith the left responds with a lack of theirs.

As for "Good Christians" would not be for this war, well there are Christians - true Christians (see here to test whether or not you are a true Christian), on both sides of the discussion of whether or not we should have gone to war. That can be rightly debated. But if Blair commits his decisions as a leader according to his faith in God, he would be a hypocrite to God to do otherwise.


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