More Port "Absurdity" - VIII- Ok, Where's the Complainers Now?

Noting the Port Absurdity of the last two weeks, I wonder where are all the "paper tigers" today?

DP World: No Plan to Sell Miami Port Ops

"WASHINGTON — The Dubai-owned company that promised to surrender its U.S. port operations has no immediate plans to sell its U.S. subsidiary's interests at Miami's seaport, a senior executive wrote Monday in a private e-mail to business associates.

Even if DP World were to sell its Miami operations to quell the congressional furor over an Arab-owned company managing major U.S. ports, "that would probably take a while," wrote Robert Scavone, a vice president for DP World's U.S. subsidiary.

The e-mail, obtained by The Associated Press, added to questions raised since DP World's announcement last week that it will divest U.S. port operations it acquired when it bought London-based Peninsular and Oriental Steam Navigation Co."

It might be noted that the Miami operations have been going on for years as well as Houston Texas.

Everyone was in a tizzy about how to keep the 'Ayarabs' out, but guess what? They've been here and doing a pretty good job.

So the question I have today is where is the "outrage" coming from all those who were foaming at the mouth over the last two weeks. NADA.

Which tells you that all the carping done on the left and right over the last two weeks was all about - NADA. This was nothing more than election year hysterics. They ought to be ashamed.