Rockefeller did you "teller?"- XIX- The "Get Goss" plan won't work

To answer the question some people have about where this story is a plan to "Get back at Goss", my answer is - mostly likely is, but it doesn't really matter. Goss is merely swinging the broom according to the mandate that he was given by the Administration to "clean house". So no matter who is on the job - the job is going to get done.

But I fully expect a "push back" In fact as the current set of investigations going begin to come to conclusion, I expect quite a bit of push back as the rats get cornered. It's none too soon either.

Iran is flaunting it's ass big time and it looks like Israel just might take that potshot at Iran after all - especially after taking some new pictures.

Fact is that the house cleaning needs to get completed, and as well the rogues that have been identified need to be dealt with. We need the good guys and gals of intel left to help us make the current crisis in order.

This goes as well for the rogues in the house and senate. A group of malcontents which is getting larger by the minute as one rats on another.

And this story, from back in 2005 is gaining a bit of traction.

Let's not forget the most important hypocrisy of Senator Rocky is that for the last three years he has been touted as the chief war critic when in fact he was the greatest proponent of a war with Iraq UNTIL George W. Bush decided to go in.

Again, to Senator "Syria", his anger isn't "righteous judgement", it's entirely PERSONAL and it's why he wrote the planto "Get Bush" from the outset.

UPDATE: Tell the WAPO that attacking the machine won't work either. (Making the case for an early defense for Dana Priest).