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Immigration - Watching the Polls

When it comes to polls there is none with a better track record than Rasmussen reports. Today, the verdict on Bush's immigration policy as outlined in his speech:

"May 17, 2006--Thirty-nine percent (39%) of Americans agree with President Bush's approach on the immigration issue. An equal number disagree, while 22% are not sure.

Just 60% of Republicans agree with the President on this issue.

These results are from a Rasmussen Reports national opinion survey taken the night after the President's nationally televised address on the topic. Typically, a Presidential address will increase support for a President's policy approach by several percentage points.

Seventy-nine percent (79%) of Americans support strict employer penalties to help reduce illegal immigration.
When given a choice between three options, three-fifths (63%) say employer penalties are the most effective approach. Just 16% say using National Guard troops would be more effective. Thirteen percent (13%) say building a wall is the best approach."

Accord to the site there will be more data released today. But what this shows is about a fifty-fifty split, and a definite favor towards border control over internal control of illegals.

Again, I think the wall idea is counter productive, if only it would be years, and billions of dollars, before the dang thing would get built - if then. But I AM for getting enforcement beefed up on the border NOW. The Guard idea is good, but we need to use all the technological marvels we can and can get up and running now.

Back to the poll, there seems to be a bit confusion over what people want:

"By a 63% to 19% margin, voters prefer the bill that controls the borders but does nothing about the status of illegal aliens.

Still, 53% believe that our national policy goal should be to welcome all immigrants except national security threats, criminals, and welfare seekers. That goal is shared by a majority of those who favor an enforcement first policy."

Folks, this has been my point from the beginning. The issue hasn't been dealt with for years and if he hadn't been for 9/11 we wouldn't be talking about it now, so let's get real. We have one group who are all about building the wall and guarding the borders, but an equal amount who want to be less "restrictive".

All we have now is a bunch of "I'm not full of crap, YOUR full of crap" ...crap going back and forth and Conservatives acting like Democrats and Democrats acting like Republicans and most of the politicians are just playing election year jockeying back and forth. As such nothing is going to get done until after the midterms so forget about that. Make no mistake Republicans the priority right now is keeping the majority. We already know what the Democrats plan if they get the house or senate or both and it won't be about immigrants.

Actually in my humble opinion the only one who has been consistant on what his beliefs on immigration are is Bush himself. Like it or love it, agree or disagree, the man does what he says he is going to do and does it. Even if the MSM and the Democrats that want his ass in a sling beat the hell out of him in on a daily basis, he is a man of his principles.

Again, the process has begun, but that process is going to take time.

UPDATE: Once again, think that there are only a couple of forms of VISA, look again, there are 79. There is much more to the problem than a wall will solve.

UPDATE I: See? I told you so. Bush's bluff causes the Republican to look strong on border enforcement while showing the Democrats weak.

From the article:

"Construction of the barrier would send "a signal that open-border days are over. ... Good fences make good neighbors, fences don't make bad neighbors," said Sen. Jeff Sessions, R-Ala. He said border areas where barriers already exist have experienced economic improvement and reduced crime.

"What we have here has become a symbol for the right wing in American politics," countered Sen. Dick Durbin, D-Ill. He said if the proposal passed, "our relationship with Mexico would come down to a barrier between our two countries."

Progress people, progress. Although some are not pleased. The fact is welcome to Washinton folks. You don't win battles here by ramrod, but one battle at a time.

UPDATE: Jonah Goldberg - "What if Mexican's were crack?". Read it.


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