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Plame Game - Paging Matt Cooper from under that rock

Clarice Feldman's new article in American Thinker examines the window formed by the reporters involved in the Plame Game. Again, "Blowback", as Libby turns the tables on the them by filing subpeonas for their records, notes, etc.

This is a brillant move by Libby's defense team as we all know that Fitz-Fizz's entire case is based on the fact that Libby's statements don't match those of said reporters thus in Fitz's mind that equals lying.

However, what is really exciting about this is the fact that the subpoenas cover a specific time frame when Joe Wilson was the toast of the MSM world.

Clarice also reminds my readers of my long time suspcions (via tips) that Matt Cooper may very well be up to his DNC credentials in this game.

"Macsmind has been saying for a long time that Cooper is on the hot seat, and I believe him more than ever after reading this pleading. Libby observes that from what we know on the public record Plame was clearly a topic of conversation in Time’s Washington Bureau. (Indeed, I think bureau employee Viveca Novak’s public reports of what she told Luskin, Rove’s lawyer, offer but a hint of the detail she provided, detail that should give Cooper pause to repeat his story on the stand, for I think it obvious that he is in trouble.)

Libby more than suggests this:

It is hard to believe the government’s allegation-that Mr. Libby confirmed this affiliation[of Plame with the CIA]-if not a single employee of Time took a moment to memorialize this fact. This is particularly true given that, according to Mr. Cooper, Mr. Libby’s comment about Ms. Wilson was used to support statements in A War on Wilson? [an article Cooper coauthored with Massimo Calabresi charging the Administration was smearing Wilson by disclosing his wife’s employment.] (p. 30)

Especially since Calabresi called Wilson before the Cooper and Russert talk and afterwards (p. 36.)

It gets even better:

Mr. Cooper, one [internal] email suggests, viewed Mr. Libby’s alleged comments during the call as part of a personal attack on Mr. Wilson rather than as his own notes reflect—a fact based criticism of the merits of Wilson’s claim.

Creative writing as news reporting, I take it."

Yup! Bang of a Summer!


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